During the summer of 2018, I found myself between jobs. Normally I would be out on long bike rides but the summer heat was insane and forced me to stay indoors for most of it. As a result of being forced indoors, I ended ordering junk off Amazon and winding up with excess cardboard boxes. The IronJug Mark II is the perfect storm of free time, cardboard boxes, and watching too many Marvel movies. Props to my dog, Juggernaut, for having the patience of a saint!

Hi! I'm Ash. I'm a software developer who is big on riding bikes, taking pictures, and making things. I live in California and I cohabit with a dog named Juggernaut
Agent Tricycle
Last Ride: morning roasting
Distance: 28.83
Elevation Gain: 1848.43 feet
Moving Time: 1:48:14
Longest ride to date: 200.37 miles
Biggest climb to date: 6899.28 miles