After building building and hosting a site on a Raspberry Pi, I really enjoyed the process of putting together a web app outside of standard HTML and Javascript. One of the things I didn't enjoy, however, was Ruby. The syntax wasn't easy or natural for me to pick up and deploying it was a nightmare. Gems and dependencies and having to make major adjustments between development and production environments left a sour taste in my mouth. I love Python, however, but never got the chance to do any web development with it. So, here we are! This site was built entirely in Django and hosted on a webserver running nginx. If I ever get some more free time, I'd like to migrate this site and domain on it's own Raspberry Pi server!

Hi! I'm Ash. I'm a software developer who is big on riding bikes, taking pictures, and making things. I live in California and I cohabit with a dog named Juggernaut
Agent Tricycle
Last Ride: Morning Ride
Distance: 50.34
Elevation Gain: 2408.79 feet
Moving Time: 2:55:34
Longest ride to date: 200.37 miles
Biggest climb to date: 6899.28 miles