In June of 2015 I had a week off between classes. I hadn't touched my Arduino in several months and was starting to feel bad for neglecting it. I threw together this little robot in a weekend. It's held together with duct tape and hope since I was too cheap to buy legitimate materials. For the most part, it works, but I underestimated the coeffcient of foam. I also got told that the reason this robot sucks is because I used Fat Tire as the beer. Here's the video of it in action:

Hi! I'm Ash. I'm a software developer who is big on riding bikes, taking pictures, and making things. I live in California and I cohabit with a dog named Juggernaut
Agent Tricycle
Last Ride: Morning Ride
Distance: 50.34
Elevation Gain: 2408.79 feet
Moving Time: 2:55:34
Longest ride to date: 200.37 miles
Biggest climb to date: 6899.28 miles