Last year I had begun to teach myself Ruby on Rails. My current web hosting company allows for Ruby on Rails applications, but it's an incredibly long, tedious, and difficult process to get an application running on it. In fact, one of the applications I built took longer to deploy than it did to actually build the project. I had a Raspberry Pi sitting around collecting dust, so I decided to attempt to turn it into a webserver. Everything was put together from scratch, starting from burning the operating system onto an SD card, setting up nginx and passenger, and writing all the ruby code along with all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  Most of it went easier than I expected and there were a few speed bumps along the way but I'm happy to report that it all worked out in the end. Even better, the site runs faster than I had anticipated. It's still slow, but there is a lot of low hanging fruit that is waiting to be plucked and optimized. I periodically kick the Pi's power supply on accident, so if the site is down that's likely why. I love the site and if not for the low amount of traffic that the unit can handle, I would continue to use it as my primary site.

Please take a look at:

Hi! I'm Ash. I'm a software developer who is big on riding bikes, taking pictures, and making things. I live in California and I cohabit with a dog named Juggernaut
Agent Tricycle
Last Ride: Morning Ride
Distance: 50.34
Elevation Gain: 2408.79 feet
Moving Time: 2:55:34
Longest ride to date: 200.37 miles
Biggest climb to date: 6899.28 miles